Club Competition Update

Our DXpedition teams have returned safely to the frozen north and our logs are all sitting on the hard drive at CQ!  Today we'll all get together with family and friends, the buzz of high speed CW still ringing in our ears.
First, thanks to everyone who ventured south to help us with our multiplier counts!  The PJ4, PJ5, PZ and VP5 mults were a lot easier this contest!  Also, a big thanks to some of our team mates who got on a CW contest for the first time!!  Congrats on jumping into the fun!
The DXpeditions sure helped our MWA club scores!  It also helped tighten the race for the pizza!  Here are the results:
  • Team North - 18,729,225 point s(Up 130.74% over last year!). 18 team members were active (33%)
  • Team Hennepin - 14,888,642 points (Up 76.18% over last year!).  16 team members were active (36%)
  • Team South - 6,056,196 points (Down 5.85% from last year).  22 team members were active (43%)

OVERALL MWA - 39,674,063 points (Up 72.49% over last year!).  56 club members active (37%)

The pizza race is tightening too!

  • Team North - 2 Points (CQ RTTY & CQWW CW)
  • Team Hennepin - 2 Points (CQWW Phone & SS CW)
  • Team South - 1 Point (SS Phone)
Next weekend is the ARRL 160 Meter Contest.  We'll have a special MWA Challenge that everyone will be able to compete for!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy time with family and friends today and earn that Kitchen Pass for the next couple weekends!